World Geography Word Searches

Ok, I know that some secular homeschool families do work all year long but even then, a lot of people take it easy over the hot summer months. So why not a practice a little world geography with a word search? Help remember all those country names and their continents.

I had to abbreviate a couple of times because really long names were making the puzzles too large for the page (like the Democratic Republic of the Congo), and names with punctuation had to be tweaked (like Cote d’Ivoire). Otherwise, it’s pretty straight-forward. Only true nations were included, so no territories or other types of regions (like Greenland).

There are 9 pages, organized by continent. Countries like Turkey that are considered both in Europe and Asia are represented in both places.

geography printables for homeschool

Download 9 pages of World Geography word search printables

Whether you want to travel the globe, or stick to one continent at a time, these are a fun way to reinforce homeschool geography learning. They’re not particularly decorative. I just didn’t have the space 🙂

Terri Wilson

Terri Wilson

Terri Wilson is a secular homeschooling mom who is making up a website because she apparently doesn't already have enough to do. She lives on a small hobby farm and spends too much time making printables and talking about homeschool stuff.

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