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Who doesn’t love the chance to learn more Latin terminology? In this case, it’s all the wonderful words used to describe various levels of taxonomy in biology. I mean, you totally know what a coleoptera is, right? Well, part of biology is understanding the taxonomic naming system and getting familiar with the more common orders and classes. So here is an 8-page set of pages to help practice.

There are 4 word searches for the main phylums, mammal orders, insect orders and a combined one for reptiles and amphibians. Then there is a matching page for each one, with blanks to give examples of what each group is in plainer English. A coleoptera is a beetle, for example.

I haven’t listed every single group in some cases because they are pretty obscure and made the pages unmanageable. Sorry if your favorite phylum or mammalian class got left out. Fish and birds were just too large to do this with.  Hope these are still helpful in your homeschool biology lessons.

secular homeschool pages on biology
A few worksheets to help learn phylum and order names of common groups of animals in biology

Download taxonomy worksheets (8 pages)

Please let me know if you find any typos. The names started to make my eyes screwy after a few pages.

Terri Wilson

Terri Wilson

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