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Though we seem to see references to loads of Christian curriculum, there are actually a very good selection of secular curriculum packages out there once you find them. You just don’t always hear about them. I have a list of secular curriculum, broken down by subject as well as larger all-subject packages. The complete packages are great to minimize how much organizing and planning you have to do, but you can tailor your school year better if you pick and choose from the various subject options. Up to you.


Complete Curriculum Packages

Calvert Education -They sell complete curriculum packages for preK to high school, and they also operate as an online school

Oak Meadow – A very nature-based curriculum that has materials for sale as well as an online school format

Global Village School – Focused on world culture and the environment, it’s another full curriculum and with online school options

Book Shark – A literature-based curriculum that sells various book packages for all grades. No online school features though.

Time4Learning – An online-only resource for all subjects. Great as a supplement but maybe not as a stand-alone system.

Moving Beyond the Page – Project-based and literature-focused sets of curriculum for several grade levels.

Critical Thinking Company – With obvious emphasis on critical thinking, they have curriculum for the major subject areas.

k12 – This is an online school system, not a curriculum package. Still figured it was worth including as it’s quite popular.

Canadian Curriculum – A bare-bones book of worksheets that covers all core subjects per grade (yes, it’s Canadian)

Khan Academy – A wide collection of video based lessons that are often used as supplements but some use as a complete curriculum on its own.

Build Your Library – Full grade lesson plans that are literature based. You purchase the lessons from BYL, then gather up the books yourselves.

Math Curriculum

Math Mammoth – Inexpensive curriculum that teaches new concepts with each lesson/worksheet, so no textbooks

Singapore – An in-depth math program that is pretty textbook heavy, but very popular

Teaching Textbooks – A very visual CD-based approach for kids who need to see math worked out for them [review]

Jump Math – A good basic math program, in both Canadian and USA versions

Math U See – Another visual option, using worksheets along with a number of manipulatives to help visualize the problems

Language Curriculum (Reading, grammar, spelling etc)

Brave Writer – A series of online writing classes for a range of ages

Explode the Code – Reading, spelling and phonics for younger grades, with online features and workbooks

Growing with Grammar – From the Math Mammoth folks, an easy to use workbook program for grammar (they do Winning with Writing as well) [review]

Wordly Wise – Choose workbooks or online tools to learn spelling and vocabulary

Institute for Excellence in Writing – A big selection of programs for different aspects of writing, reading and literature

Science Curriculum

Real Science 4 Kids – A great selection of science books organized by grade for all branches of science

AIMS Science Activity Books – Check out their bookstore for great grade-based science activity books (they do math too!)

Elemental Science – Science from preschool to high school, using a Classical Homeschooling approach

R.E.A.L. Science Odyssey – A strong science curriculum complete with workbooks, activities and lab projects

ScienceFusion – A series of texts and workbooks for grades K through 8

Supercharged Science – A mix of videos, online tools, experiments and worksheets to explore science and fun

Geography / History / Social Studies

7 Continents Series – A series of geography books from Evan-Moor, each highlighting one continent

Little Passports – A unique monthly package that comes in the mail, highlighting different countries with maps, stickers and activities

History Odyssey – Also from Pandia Press, a secular look at history through ancient to modern eras

Beautiful Feet – Use literature and living books to learn history, with an emphasis on American history until you get to higher grades

Expedition Earth – Learn geography and cultures from around the world, one country at a time

Horrible Histories – Very fun series of books that look at history, filled with trivia and unexpected information

This isn’t a complete list (yet) but should give you a good place to start when looking for options in secular curriculum.

Terri Wilson

Terri Wilson

Terri Wilson is a secular homeschooling mom who is making up a website because she apparently doesn't already have enough to do. She lives on a small hobby farm and spends too much time making printables and talking about homeschool stuff.

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