Internet Bookmarks

No, I don’t mean online bookmarks to help you find websites again. These are the old-fashioned bookmarks that people use to mark their pages in actual paper books. I’m sure some people must use books, right?  🙂

This is just a little 2 page set (it’s way too hot to work at my house right now). One page is emojis and one is a mix of expressions in chat-speak. Unlike my usual printable bookmarks, these are both done in color, but you can still print them fine on a b/w printer.

Each page has 10 little bookmarks with outlines for easy cutting out.

free bookmark printables for homeschoolers

Download Internet bookmarks

Great for the online-obsessed homeschooler, or any Internet-savvy kid who still likes to read.

Terri Wilson

Terri Wilson

Terri Wilson is a secular homeschooling mom who is making up a website because she apparently doesn't already have enough to do. She lives on a small hobby farm and spends too much time making printables and talking about homeschool stuff.

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