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It can be tough to write interesting sentences when you’re just getting to know nouns, verbs and the like. Adding some elements of figurative language can be a fun way to jazz up any story or writing assignment in your homeschool. I am putting together a mix of printables to be used when introducing figurative language, including worksheets, examples and anchor charts.

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Explain concepts of figurative language with anchor charts



Download figurative language anchor charts

Lots of outlines to color in, with explanations and examples of 7 kinds of figurative speech




I’m working on further printables with more examples, tips on use, practice pages and more.

Terri Wilson

Terri Wilson

Terri Wilson is a secular homeschooling mom who is making up a website because she apparently doesn't already have enough to do. She lives on a small hobby farm and spends too much time making printables and talking about homeschool stuff.

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