Evolution Lapbook

secular evolution lapbooks for homeschoolers
Outside of the evolution lapbook

Evolution and natural selection can be a tricky topic for secular homeschoolers because so many religious sources have material on this that doesn’t really suit our needs (like proving it’s not real). Anyway, I thought it was time for a lapbook project on evolution and the concepts of natural selection.

This set of secular printables has a mix of mini-books on Darwin, evolution, selection, human ancestors and more. You’ll need a good book or two to go along with this to help with discussion, but it’s a good hands-on homeschool project to go with any evolution study.

Download Evolution Lapbook

secular evolution unit study
Inside our evolution lapbook, showing one way to arrange the pieces
secular evolution homeschool resources
Closer detail on the Homo species fold-out

Since evolution is a tough topic for secular homeschoolers, I aim to do further resources in the near future, possibly a book list on evolution for various ages of kids.

Terri Wilson

Terri Wilson

Terri Wilson is a secular homeschooling mom who is making up a website because she apparently doesn't already have enough to do. She lives on a small hobby farm and spends too much time making printables and talking about homeschool stuff.

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