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Acronyms for the Online Homeschooler

If you’re like most homeschoolers, you spend a lot of time online. You’re either searching for printables, looking for curriculum ideas or getting support from other like-minded families. Spending time on message boards or Facebook groups, you’ll quickly notice a...

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Teaching Textbooks – A Review

My daughter isn’t strong in math, so we’re trying Teaching Textbooks for the rest of this year. So far, we’ve loved it and we’ll continue for her grade 7 coming up. I’m giving my review of the product but should...

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Duolingo – A Review

Learning a second language can be tough in a homeschool situation. Some language software programs are very expensive and not always that engaging (sorry Rosetta Stone). A very popular option is Duolingo, and we love it at our house. It’s...


Our Favorite Educational Apps

I thought I would take a personal aside today and share some of the best educational apps we’re using around our house. I don’t utilize technology anywhere near as much as I could, so this isn’t supposed to be an...