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I love using puzzles as a fun way to reinforce vocabulary, spelling, facts and ideas during any homeschool topic.

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Taxonomy Worksheets

Who doesn’t love the chance to learn more Latin terminology? In this case, it’s all the wonderful words used to describe various levels of taxonomy in biology. I mean, you totally know what a coleoptera is, right? Well, part of...

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Cell Biology Word Searches

Time to do some biology review with cell organelles, DNA terminology and other such science-y fun. Word searches are a fun way to take a break and to practice the new vocabulary you come across in any subject. Not sure...

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World Geography Word Searches

Ok, I know that some secular homeschool families do work all year long but even then, a lot of people take it easy over the hot summer months. So why not a practice a little world geography with a word...

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Astronomy Word Searches

We’re doing the solar system around here, and I always find that puzzles are a fun way to reinforce some new terms and vocabulary on any subject. So I have done up a small set of 4 pages with space and...


Periodic Table Crosswords

We use crossword puzzles a LOT in our house because they combine the rather boring question/answer format of worksheets with a puzzle. As more words are solved, more clues are added. They can be tough to find on scientific subjects...