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Lapbooks are a fun way to put a homeschool project together for younger kids. Lots of fun cut-outs and mini-books make a very visual project that only requires file folders and a few printables.

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Norse Mythology Lapbook

For any mythology study or units on Vikings, this Norse lapbook is a fun project to look at Deities, myths and even a little runes thrown in. There are 8 pages in total, with 8 Gods and Goddesses, a piece...


Evolution Lapbook

Evolution and natural selection can be a tricky topic for secular homeschoolers because so many religious sources have material on this that doesn’t really suit our needs (like proving it’s not real). Anyway, I thought it was time for a...

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Egyptian Mythology Lapbook

I love lapbooks, as they allow for great creativity but still having some structure to create a neat visual project in the end. Today’s printable package is for a lapbook on Egyptian mythology. This set has 12 pages in it, and...