Ancient Egyptian Timeline Printables

We just finished using these in our Ancient Egypt unit and thought to pass them along. It’s a 6-page long timeline that you print and can tape together. It runs from 3,000 BC to 100 BC, basically covering the usual period of ancient Egyptian history, with year intervals every 100 years.

There are 2 pages of graphics you can cut out to add along the timeline, 1 page with burial masks to represent the pharaohs and 1 page with 10 images for various points in this period (when the Giza pyramids were built, when the Rosetta stone was carved, etc.)

Of course, you can fill in any events you want, and do any of your own text and artwork. The graphics are just an option because cutting and gluing is fun 🙂

ancient egypt timeline printables
Ancient Egyptian timeline printables

Download ancient Egyptian timeline printables

Here is a quick shot of the timeline in progress at our house. We love doing timelines because it’s a great visual way to see the “bigger picture” of historical events during homeschool unit studies.

ancient egypt timeline pages for homeschool

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